To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven. I have seen the God-given task with which the sons & daughters of men are to be occupied. I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives.       Ecclesiastes 3:1,10 &12

From working in accounting to advertising before my girls were born, to enjoying the benefits of being a stay at home wife and mom while they were young, to working as a church secretary & children’s ministry director while juggling my duties as a wife and mother.

          After a rough couple of years of physical health struggles; I am finally on the road to recovery. Praise the Lord! As our youngest daughter, Kara, a freshman in high school, is the only one left at home; I find myself asking; what now?

I have such a passion to write. I feel this is my “season to be occupied with this task”. If I am able to encourage, uplift or have a positive influence on even one person with the words that flow through me; then I believe my purpose is being fulfilled.

May you all be extremely blessed, Sheri Haskins


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