And What to My Wandering Eyes Do Appear . . .

But full frontal nude pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Yes; You read that correctly.

By chance; I was alone, browsing through the magazine shelves at Wal-Mart; I happened upon this Special Collectors Edition Rolling Stone magazine, on the cover, an up-close photo of John Lennon. “Oh my gosh, Kara, will love this,” I thought to myself.

Kara, my 15-year-old daughter is a HUGE Beatles fan. I picked it up, flipped thorough the pages. “Wow, This is great!” I thought. “This is going in the closet for Christmas.” When the girls were little I used to hide the gifts in there. So; now as I buy for someone, that’s where the gift goes.

I finished my shopping, found another treasure, that shall not be named, (don’t want my secrets getting out here) checked out, loaded my groceries in the car and headed home.

After returning home and unloading the car; I called my daughter, Amber, out to the car to show her the items that I had purchased for her sister for Christmas.

As I excitedly flipped through the pages of the new Rolling Stone Magazine, showing my 21-year-old daughter what I had just purchased for her 15-year-old sister for Christmas, we both jolted in shock, our jaws dropping open at the same time, as suddenly appearing in our vision on page 16 of the Rolling Stone Magazine was John Lennon and Yoko Ono standing naked with their backs to the camera, and on page 17 was full frontal nude photos of them.

We just stood there. Completely in shock.

Um, well; Kara’s not getting this for Christmas.

How can they put these out for the general public to get their hands on. Anyone of any age could pick one of these up and look through this and see these pictures. Who would have ever thought that you could just walk in to Wal-Mart and pick up a magazine like this and purchase it.

Ok. I wonder if Wal-Mart knows what is in this magazine. So, I call to inquire of  the manager concerning this situation. I actually speak to the assistant manager, who seems to be in as much shock as I am when I tell her what I have discovered. She assures me that as soon as she hangs up the phone, she will go out and take a look for herself, and pull the magazines off of the shelves; and then proceed to call the company.

Thank you, Wal-Mart assistant store manager : )

Apparently; Rolling Stone feels they have the freedom to publish whatever they choose, and put it in the hands of whomever they please.

As I read up on the history of these photos; undoubtedly; back in 1968 John Lennon and Yoko Ono released an album entitled Two Virgins. The album’s front cover showed the couple frontally nude, while the back cover showed them nude from behind.  The cover provoked an outrage, prompting distributors to sell the album in a plain brown wrapper. Copies of the album were impounded as obscene in several jurisdictions. Hmm, go figure. (source WARNING Images are shown here!

I realize that there may still be a lot of Beatles fans around; but give me a break; there is no call for publishing these nude photos and putting them out where anyone can get their hands on them, and to top it off, without any WARNING on the cover of your magazine. REALLY? Is this what you think sells your magazine?

Shame on you Rolling Stone!

On the back cover it reads


Well; they definitely got that right. Could they not have elaborated a bit more.

What is our world coming to? This is ridiculous!

Is this really what we mean by “freedom of press”? Jeez!


3 thoughts on “And What to My Wandering Eyes Do Appear . . .

  1. Hello, thanks to you and concern moms like you, these are being pulled. Walmart nor the merchandiser knew about these photos. Trust me, I am a merchandiser that puts the magazines out. I have not put this out in my store yet and thank God my company found out before they hit the shelves in my store. I love when concern parents do inform stores when something like this happens. Makes my job easier. I would never know and willingly put something out like that. I have 8 kids so I understand where you are coming from. And walmart no matter what anyone says about them, they are a family store and wouldn’t allow it either. Great catch!!!!! Thank you

    • Thank you. I felt sure that Wal-Mart would not have knowingly put these out on the shelf. I was very pleased that the assistant manager was so efficient in removing these from the public’s grasp. I called other local stores I felt may carry these to inform them as well.

  2. Oh, my word. My daughter is also 15 and a huge Beatles fan (one of the few bands we actually agree on!), and I could easily have purchased this for her. What is this world coming to? I know. I sound just like my mom, but sometimes Mom is right.

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